Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Zak Klein
Produced by Simon Ryninks
Executive Producer / Co-Writer Yoav Segal
© Hope Not Hate


I was commissioned by Hope Not Hate to direct this ad-hoc vlog style video filmed across the UK. Its aim was to start a sensible conversation around immigration.

The video amassed over 3 million views in the course of four days and stimulated a lot of debate.

Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Zak Klein
Director of Photography Catherine Goldschmidt
Produced by Zak Klein and Tibo Travers
Executive Producer Yoav Segal
© People's In Campaign


I was hired by The People's In Campaign to create a short satirical video to encourage young Remain voters to get to the polling stations on referendum day. 

Unfortunately, the country ignored our prescient warnings and voted Leave en-mass. Well, we tried...

© Simon Ryninks MMXVIII