Virtually Blackfriars.png

Starring Tamsin Dowsett

With Elfie Frazer, Li Keegan, Ace McKenzie, Hannah Moss and students from UAE School.   

Directed by Simon Ryninks
Designed by Emma Tompkins
Created by Simon Ryninks & Emma Tompkins
Written by Berri George
Produced by Ross Crosby

© The Milo Wladek Co. 

Join a future-archeologist as she attempts to catch wayward characters from the past. Armed with the trusty Walrus 700 - a futuristic pixel-detection device - track down Dickens, find Frankenstein and bag Boudicca on the streets of Blackfriars.

Enter a world of pixelated people, puppetry and playfulness by throwing on a pair of 'not-so-high-tech' goggles. Virtually Blackfriars is a bonkers mix of sci-fi adventure and quirky invention.

Commissioned by Southwark Presents as part of Blackfriars Stories. Supported by Arts Council England.



"A lovely adventure taking some normal streets and surroundings and making them extraordinary!"

"It made me see the area with new eyes."

"Really enjoyed it. Amazing, educational and really interactive. Thank you!"

"I loved the sense of adventure and the feeling that we were on a mission of discovery as a team."

"My 9 year old son was gripped."

"It made local history come alive with all senses. Thank you."

"I loved it loads. It was the best. Probably my favourite time."

"Nice that is was different from typical ‘theatre’."

"Amazing, Superb, Great, Funny, Educational."

"Charming! 100% human and I loved it!"


Starring Suzette Llewellyn, Sophie Steer
and Helen Katamba

With Randall Alleyne, Andrew Cunningham, Robin Dann, Brian Green, Philip Gill, Ruth Gordon-Weeks, Hanna Harlyn, Silvana Maimone, Caroline Smith,  
and The Note-Orious Choir.

Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Joseph Wilde
Created/Produced by Simon Ryninks & Emma Tompkins
Designed by Emma Tompkins
© The Milo Wladek Co. 

A multi-platform family event that combined an interactive treasure hunt with short film and outdoor performance about, and made with, the people of Dulwich.

Myrtle West, the well-known scientist/adventurer, has become unstuck in time, coursing throughout Dulwich’s history without any control. Audiences were invited to track down Myrtle’s clues from the past to help bring her back to the present.

The Multiple Myrtle Mysteries was commissioned by Southwark Presents as part of the Dulwich Festival. It was supported by Arts Council England.



"Uniquely creative and breaking boundaries all over the place."
Paul Cowell, Southwark Events

"Really thoroughly researched ... The script was inventive, funny and ingeniously wove all the various stories into a cohesive whole."

“Absolutely Brilliant. Very Inventive”

"The event went amazingly and everyone said they had a great experience..."


“You can tell how engaging a show is by how many children leave, and I didn’t see any one them walk.”

“Engaging, Inspiring. Really hope the show comes back next year. Brilliant.”

“Really enjoyed the performance of Multiple Myrtle Mysteries - something different and interesting.”


Starring Benedict Eedle, Hanna Harlyn, Paul Fuller and Jennifer Shakesby.

Created and Directed by Simon Ryninks
Written by Joseph Wilde
Designed by Emma Tompkins
Produced by Daisy Cooper
© The Milo Wladek Co.

A real-life video-game adventure for families that combined narrative scenes with interactive puzzle-solving on a journey into works of art.

From the 17th Century world of court painter Van Dyck into works by masters of modern art, audiences were invited to journey through time, space and paint.  But even the slightest misstep can impact on the future of art history!

The Van Dyck Vanishments was commissioned by Marine Studios as part of GEEK 2015. Made in partnership with Turner Contemporary, The National Portrait Gallery and Canterbury Christ Church University. It was supported by Arts Council England.



"Absolutely mind-blowingly brilliant..."

"Laughed the whole way through, then realise I'd learnt something."

"Really imaginative and unique."

"This was a free flowing, original and imaginative production."

"What a fantastic idea and brilliantly executed."

"The whole experience was very stimulating and enjoyable... and it opened our eyes into the principles of the work of the artists too. Wonderful!"

"Thank you so much for such an unusual experience. The set design was amazing... Very fun to be part of, but also some thoughts about art to take away."

"...felt I learned something too which, given I’ve already got four years of art history under my belt, suggests [you] managed not to dumb-down the learning while making it accessible."




Starring Michael Adams, Bill Bingham, Nicholas Bishop, 
Ben Eedle, Richard Emerson, Ruth Gibson, 
Tamar Karabetyan, Richard Lakos, Sophie Steer, 
Arun Welandawe-Prematilleke, Ben Whybrow, Joseph Wilde
Alma Fournier Caballo, Hanna Harlyn, Jennifer Shakesby
and The Bordurian Working Women’s Chorus.

Directed and adapted by Simon Ryninks
Co-direction/adaptation by Felix Mortimer
Written by William Shakespeare
Produced by Daisy Cooper and Joshua Narwas

© Hackney Council / RETZ

O Brave New World told Shakespeare's The Tempest as six plays, across six installations, over six months, and was confined entirely within a single shop in Hoxton

O Brave New World was commissioned by Hackney Council as part of Create Festival. It was supported by Arts Council England. O Brave New World provided a setting for HBO Series, Doll and Em.



"The sense not just of being in Prospero's private space but of going right into his head is acute." 
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

"Brilliantly correlates the uncanny dreamlike mysticism at the heart of Shakespeare’s play with a modern alienation."
i-D Magazine

"Hopefully a sign of things to come in modern theatre."
One Stop Arts

"Surreal, enchanting and thought provoking theatre."
A Younger Theatre

"A lovely mix of domestic and epic, ordinary and extraordinary, intimacy and scale.”
Tim Crouch

"This, truly, was Shakespeare brought to life.” 
Life in the Cheap Seats

“A Pinteresque experiment in atmosphere and style.”

Pictures: Alex Bremmer, Camilla Greenwell, Hanna-Katrina Jedrosz, Richard Lakos.

© Simon Ryninks MMXVIII